So sweet! So powerful! If dead person may say, standing up, if ill person saying this, may stand up, if weak person saying this, standing up with power! Power reaching from Heavens to you, o mankind, but you are also idiot ones, following Shaytan! Leave him! Come and say: “Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim!” Subhan Allah Sultan Allah! What honour Allah Almighty granted us!

Therefore, at least 40 times daily say: Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim! If you can do 100 times, it is better. Through 24 hours make a time; (it) may take you 5 minutes to say 100 times `Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim’, but coming on you such a power, feeding your physical being as well as your soul!

Don’t be heedless, O people! That is the key that granted from Heavens to you, to bring solution for every problem and also to open to you the doors that [are] shut down. You may say `Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim’ and Allah Almighty granted to you opening, opening, endless, endless doors. Allah – jalla jalaluhu – Almighty preparing His servants if they are using, treasures! Not treasures of earth, but heavenly treasures going to be opened to you!

O people, come and listen! Enough your drinking and going to be drunk ones! No, you must be awakened!

You must find a time that you can say at least 40 times `Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim’.

If you like to make it 100 times, it is okay!

Some people coming and saying to me that: “O Sheikh, we are running to tariqat, to ways of Heavens, Heavenly Ways, and we are trying, but we are not reaching. What do you think on it?” I am saying: “I am giving to you something, if you can do, you are going to be prepared for a Heavenly opening!” “What is that?”

“After morning praying, till sun rising, make 1000 times `Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim’. Continue on it 40 days, then going to appear to you some rays of Nur, Heavenly Lights. For every 40 days that rays going to be more stronger, till you can look and see what is in malakut, heavens!”

…When adhan call coming, we are saying: “Yet we have time, we may sleep…” Ehhh! sun shining…!

I am giving permission! Who can do may do, through 40 days, must appear a ray from Heavens to his heart. If you are keeping along that way, you may reach the fountain. You can reach fountain of lights. It is not from earth, but it belongs to Heavens. And we are not in need to take missile to be in it… no no no! You have such a power that you may destroy whole missiles in less than one minute, through one second!


If someone has to die..

April 5, 2007


Haji X. is very ill… Take him out of hospital… Where there is pain, put your hand and recite Fatiha seven times… I am around him, blowing on his face…  If he passes away, Angels will take his body to Damascus… When Mehdi a.s. comes, I will call him from Barzakh… So many people are going to come back  from Barzakh with Grandsheikh, to follow Sayidina Imam.


April 2, 2007


Mawlana Sheikh Nazim; ….. Years ago as  I was  walking with  my  Grandsheikh in Damascus, a football that some  boys were playing with hit me on the head and knocked off my turban.  I got very angry and turned around, shouting;   “ Oh  you miserable, misbehaved brat!” Grandsheihk said; “Oh Nazim Effendi, you have just lost your faith.  How can you claim to believe that everything  comes  from Allah Almighty when you are ready to blame  someone for something that  hits you on the head?Do you not know that Allah  is the Original  Cause  of that event?  So why are  you blinded by secondary  causes?  When  that ball hit you why did  you  look to see which one threw it in order to quarrel  with  him?  Do you not know that it is from Allah?”

 Then  I  recited the confession of  faith to renew my faith.

 The level of faith that our Grandsheikh was referring  to is the level  of  prophets and saints.  We are trying to attain  to  that level,  and when men reach that level, peace will  reign on earth. The reason for all trouble on  earth, for all wars and suffering is that  people  have lost sight of  their Lord’s Will behind all events.  They have lost sight of the hand of the One  Who is  testing them  through  those events.  They have stopped seeing events as tests  from their Lord.  Therefore they continue  failing those  tests. 


March 20, 2007

Safar Protection

March 7, 2007


It is prescribed to keep to
the following practices for protection in every day of this month.

1. Shahadatain (3 times).
2. Astaghfirullah (300 times).
3. Give Sadaqah daily for the sake of Allah Almighty with the
intention to lift away afflictions and misfortunes. It is a good
practice, as done by Grandshaykh ‘Abdullah q.s., to make Qurban on the
27th day of Safar for the sake of Allah Almighty.
4. Recite each day Surah Al-Fil (7 times) and Ayat al-Kursi (7 times).

On the final Wednesday of Safar, keep to the following Adab:

1. Shahadatain (3 times).
2. Astaghfirullah (300 times).
3. Ayat al-Kursi (7 times).
4. Surah Al-Fil (7 times), reading them all upon oneself and for one’s

It is most desired to refrain from going out of one’s house on that
day. If one should go out, keep to the Adab and make haste to return
home when one’s needs are met. Grandshaykh q.s. said: “On the final
Wednesday of the month of Safar, 70,000 afflictions (bala’) befall the
world. The one who keeps to this Adab that we mentioned, he will be
protected by Allah Almighty.”




Maulana Sheikh Nazim al Haqqani

Our Grandsheikh was speaking about Alauddin AI Bukhari, the khalif of Shah Naqshbandi, the main pillar of the Naqshbandi Order. Our Grandsheikh said if Shah Naqshbandi had not existed, there would be no order. Grandsheikh was praising Alauddin, saying that he was a big man and he knew the secret wisdom of the existence of satan in the universe. Only a few people know. He was one of them in his time among the Ulema. All Awliya know, but as for ulema, only a few know. Grandsheikh asked: “What is the benefit to know the wisdom of satan’s existence?” If a man is knowing this, he is able to conquer Satan. Whoever is not knowing this cannot conquer; he must be under his rule. This is an important point in every religion. Every Prophet and saint knew this, and this enabled them to fight and put Satan under their control.When knowing, this, you may be on Satan, ego, this world and vain desires, their commander; not them commanding over you. These four are enemies. If not controlled they are terrible. If you can control, they give endless benefit. As with electricity, if not contained in protected wires, it is dangerous, a killer. If controlling these four, they are most useful for you; you may ride on them to the heavens. Allah never created anything without benefit. Americans asked for the secret power of elect­ricity, and Allah gave it to them. To anyone asking, Allah promises to give. If you know the way to use it, everything has benefit.There are so many creatures, visible and invisible. Satan is invisible, not seen by ordinary eyes, but seen by Prophets and saints. Before, he did appear before people, but after the time of the Prophet, Satan was prevented from appearing.Sayyidina Ali was one of the most respect­ful people to all persons. He would never walk in front of an old man. Once in the time of the Prophet, he opened his door to go to the mosque for the fajr prayer, just then he saw an old person walking slowly ahead of him. For his respect Ali walked slowly behind him until reaching the mosque. But seeing the man not entering the mosque and turning away, and seeing the Prophet inside rising from the first rakat’s prostration All understood that the old man was Satan, coming to make him late for prayer. Quickly he grabbed him by the neck and put him under a big stone. After the prayer the Prophet said: “0 Ali, what happened?” He replied: “0 my Prophet, you know what happened. The enemy of Allah tricked me today into losing one rakat”. Coming out with the Prophet and companions in order to look at Satan squirming under the rock, Ali was very angry. That one rakat behind the Prophet was more valuable to him than the whole world. He said: “My intention is to leave him here up until the last day, but I am ready for your command 0 my Prophet”. “0 All, don’t be a robber. If keeping him you will cut the ways of my nation to their stations in the Divine Presence, to their fighting degrees. Don’t be worried about him; he is only a servant to my nation. So many will reach to a high degree because of fighting him”. He means that we are more powerful than that satan, and he is indicating to us the secret wisdom that Satan is the main reason for improvement in spiritual life. You can accept him and also benefit from him. Ride on him and go; you may reach any station in the Divine Presence.Our Grandsheikh said that if you know that in every happening is a secret wisdom, and you are looking after that, then you may find in yourself peace and satisfaction. If people knew that there is wisdom in every happening, then there would be no troubles between them on earth. Allah never gives permission for anything to appear without wisdom. Our Grand­sheikh told of Saiyed Jamaluddin Ghumuqi, he was once sitting; a mureed in front of him and a plate of apples between them. He took one apple and tossed it up in the air, and be­fore it came down tossed up another, catching them both and putting them back. The mureed said: “0 my master, I know you are not playing, and that there is no action of yours without wisdom. What is the wisdom of this, 0 my master”. He said: “0 my son, just now Divine an­ger was coming with the Angel of Death to two persons known to us. Throwing the apples made the Divine anger go away and mercy came in its place. Now they are coming to inform us”.  Then came a knock on the door, announcing  that two people had just died, would he please  attend the funeral prayer. Know, that in every  action is the will of the Creator. You must keep this good manner and then this good manner will keep you. For one looking for the wisdom in a happening, Allah keeps him, no  harm comes to that person. Every time ask for the wisdom in every happening around you.  When man takes from this wisdom, he may find in himself peace, no disturbance.

February 19, 2007



Smile! It’s the month of safar which is the heaviest among the months of the year of the islamic calendar.

It’s recommended for protection against the bela/trouble( s) and all kinds of evil, to give charity/sadaqa for yourself & the members of your family or beloved ones –seeking Allah’s pleasure first, for the sake of Allah Almighty, supplicate & say your intention ‘on’ the charity–, and unlike other times keep this charity until the end of safar then give it to the needy. to say 3x shahada, 300x astaghfirullah daily. and, give the daily charity by day before sunrise and by night before sunset*; you may put the charity in a box as you cant always find the needy to give it to, but dont keep it for long time to give it all at once since the best is to give the charity right away you make your supplication/ dua and intention on it without any delay.

The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wa sallam peace be upon him was the most generous of all. He used to give with his own hand. When asked for anything, he never refused. His wives may Allah be well pleased with them were also known for their almsgiving. Of them Zaynab bint Jahsh was the most generous and was called by the Prophet ‘the longest in arm’. She was also known as the mother of the poor/umm al-masakin for her almsgiving. Sadaqa wards off affliction in this world, questioning in the grave and punishment on the Judgement Day. The constant giving of a little is said to please Allah more than the occasional giving of much.

*the earlier it’s given by day and night, the earlier one’s asking support from Allah & thus is under the protection of Allah Almighty by His will and mercy.

Khatam Khwajghan

February 17, 2007



Our  Grandsheikh has said that if a person does not do a daily dhikr ( a daily meditation,   usually pronounced “zikr”)   it is not going to damage his relationship with our tariqat. ( sufi path), He will still be in connection with our  tariqat, but one who  stops going to the once a week communal   dhikr,  he will be thrown away  from  tariqat. 

 If being lazy – not doing the daily  practice it doesn’t matter,  the awliya (saints)  and our Sheikh will  keep  him in the tariqat;  but one who is not attending a weekly  dhikr, it maybe  Friday night, may be  Sunday  night, may be  Thursday  night –  the night  doesn’t matter, but if he is not present  at the weekly  dhikr, he’s going to be thrown away.

Dhikr is a pillar, a tent pole, which keeps up the tent.  If you take it, it falls down.  The communal dhikr  is the main pillar of our  tariqat.  Everyone must be present;  if he is not there, he is not  present  in that city, or he is ill, or any obligation that prevents him attending –  Don’t say,  “I was  working”   Take  permission  from your boss.   Say, “Tonight I must be with  my people for my Lord’s service. I can’t do anything else.  – if you are throwing me away – I am not staying  here. It is the Lord’s service tonight and I  must be there.”

 You  must  go.   Understand?

 From Truth  Springs


Sultan Awliyah



Our Grandsheikh Sultan al Awliyah Shaykh Abdullah Faiz Daghestani (qs) described how a Derwish may be acceptable as a servant to Allah Almighty. “He must have one character from each of three animals,” he said. ”From the donkey, he must be able to carry burdens with patience and without objection. Unless he can do this he will be unsuccessful, because without patience one cannot carry the responsibilities of life. From the dog, he must learn faithfulness to his master. If the master tells the dog to stay somewhere until he returns, that dog will stay, even until death. If the owner beats it and chases it away, the dog will still return, with its tail wagging, when its master calls. Finally, when a man looks at a pig, he must know that his nafs is dirtier and filthier than a pig. The dirt of pigs is external, it comes from eating dirty things. But the nafs is dirty inside. Its dirt comes from fighting with its Lord. A perfect man must have such a character that he will accept whatever dirt is thrown on him, whether by words or by actions, knowing that his nafs is dirtier.” These three characteristics give a man rest and satisfaction in his heart. Only in this way can he reach happiness in this life. These are the characteristics of Prophets and Saints…

January 2, 2007

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Al Haqqani and a Deputy of Imam Mahdi (as) Shaykh Abdur Rauf Al Yamani.